Monday, October 30, 2006

Blessing In Disguise...

Been away from the online world for a couple of days. Had been out of the project site for quite some time, with paperwork piling up while I was away on official business. To make matters worse, over the weekend, I left my flash disk at the office while I was in a hurry to get home. So much for the chance to catch up on homework.

Felt it was pointless to worry about the flash disk at this point. So I ended up playing a little Warhammer with friends, some assembly and painting done, as well as some much needed sleep over the weekend. Although the respite felt a little short, it was still a welcome respite nonetheless.

Got a little earlier than usual today, being a color-coding Monday and all. This in turn gave me the needed time to finish what I supposedly had planned for the weekend, and with time to spare! Ha!

A blessing in disguise if I ever saw one.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

No Rest For The Good-looking...

October 24, 2006...

Today's supposed to be a holiday. Yeah right...

Had to go to work. No medals, no bells and whistles. Instead of lying back and vegetate at home, I end up going to the jobsite early to check on work being done here in Makati AND in Bulacan! The Bulacan affair is supposed to be a straightforward thing, but some circumstances forced us to do extra work on the holiday to meet a certain timetable. As a consolation, some significant accomplishment was achieved and we're back on track.

Small victories. Remain unsung.

Got back to Makati, had a late lunch. Tried to catch up on paperwork backlog. Wanted to paint but the weather and what remains of the day wasn't exactly ideal. Shink1m and Aperire were up and about as well. Guess I'm not the only unsung hero around here. At least they're both ok about it and treat it like any ordinary day and kept each other company as the day progressed. Still a little distracted at the thoughts from my last post. Forgive the sudden rant if it sounded dramatic, I just had to vent. Maybe if things won't show any signs of changing tomorrow, I guess it will be best to just leave that situation take care of itself at its own pace, if ever at all. That's sad.

Oh well, despite answering this call beyond the line of duty, one can always offset someday. Hope it's soon though.


Monday, October 23, 2006

I Never Give Up On A Friend...

... I never do.

Even if they have long given up on me.

That was 12 days to the day.

I'm sorry.

Looking Back A Couple Of Days...

October 19, 2006...

Da Venue : National Sports Grill Greenbelt 3
Da Suspects : (L-R) Broken-hearted Chocolate Milk Drinker, Little Angel, Yours Truly, Ria Guanio (+P), Golden Boy, Koya Vince
Da Menu : Chicken Fingers Massacre! Chips and Fries, 3 buckets St. Michael's brew, Banana- and Chocolate Milk Shake Madness for our broken-hearted friend...
Da Agenda :

Nothing really. Just an impromptu common agreement between some of us in the office that we take a break from the insanity that is work. Plus the fact that Ria Guanio visited our office to help me out on something at least for a day (Thanks girl! Owe you one!). It's been a while since we've seen her after being assigned to another project site.

Chocolate Milk Drinker was a bit absent-minded that night so we devoted a couple of minutes (well actually, more than half the night) discussing his current dilemma. Suffice it to say that before the night was over, Chocolate Milk Drinker will put his plans into high gear that would last well into next week, or die trying! +P Go Dude! Abangan!

We then finished the evening with a little game of billiards at the lone billiard table of NSG. I like the table here, being relatively decent but a fast one, and a need to have a good read of the rails is essential to get my game going. A few startling revelations were in store as I find our two girls as surprisingly good players, good enough to string a couple of shots together and give us boys a good run for our money. I myself, who takes a little pride in being a competitive billiard player found it a bit difficult to go up against them. Even on the billiard table these kids still taught me a thing or two...

October 20, 2006...

We visited Andy at the hospital to check on how he was doing. Andy got involved in a motorcycle accident a couple of weeks back and is now putting his knee on rehab. Glad to know that he's ok and hopefully recover quickly. Get well soon man!

I slept over at the office too, which has become a more frequent thing now. I realize that I get more sleep in since I don’t have to travel to the office the next day. Plus the fact that I have to be early tomorrow was enough to make me justify my decision to sleep over.

October 21, 2006...

It was a long Saturday. Had to go to Bulacan early in the day for a plant visit to help out in getting the work started on one of our projects. Some key lessons here were learned. One is that the construction industry is small, since it’s a reunion of sorts where the people have known me when I was a project manager, a consultant, an owner, and back as a project manager. Second is that you have to take charge and be diplomatic at times to settle things faster.

Before going home, me and Chocolate Milk Drinker decided to check out the Saturday night scene as well as putting his plans into motion. I helped him look and choose flowers over at the nearby flower shop. It was pretty much straightforward in choosing what flowers to get, it was what to write on the card that proved a little difficult. It was a bit of a challenge trying not to be too cliché on the card.

We then drove on to Eastwood for some dinner as well as scope out where he might plan to take his dream girl around. Fazoli’s was a good choice, the pasta and pizza was simple, and the ambience of the place ideal. Eastwood doesn’t have much of a mall but made up for it with a plethora of gimik choices, from the quiet restaurants to the hippest bars. We played billiards at AMF, where I got convincingly beat by an obviously inspired Chocomilk Drinker, 9 racks to 7. Looks like my billiard playing slump continues.

October 22, 2006...

Stayed at home most of the day. Earlier, I took my youngest sister out and treated her to breakfast for topping her nursing class just a couple of days back. Makes any Kuya proud. Just a couple of semesters to go Gorgeous! Wahoo!!!

Had to get my car’s air-conditioning fixed later in the afternoon. The cost of cleaning and repair set my finances back a bit. Owning a car is high on preventive maintenance. A price to pay for the convenience it gives me.

Some thoughts bugging me lately:

Changing rooms. Some stuff to prepare and organize. My clothes, my books, my music, my sports stuff, my miniatures.

Need to re-establish my focus on my army building project. If all goes well, I can resume the painting of the second miniature, maybe more. I’m also excited at the prospect of playing the army soon, now that I have enough miniatures to simulate the army comp. Will update this as soon as it happens.

Reading a book my Sister Pie lent me. Train Man by Nakano Hitori. Fun read so far. Makes me realize the geek in me, as I can relate to the story. Maybe I’ll go get myself my own copy before I actually finish this. :D

I wanna vacation! It’s a matter of finding the right timing. Where to go is another question.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Everyone Is Blessed...

Somehow this came up in one of my conversations with a friend over the net. Just a reminder to everyone out there that everyone is still blessed, and sometimes it just needs to be seen at a different angle. Im not much into gospel songs, but I particularly liked this one and has very much covered the reminder I just said. ;)

He Still Loves Me
From the movie The Fighting Temptations

Took me a while
But I'm finally here
I just wanna testify
Make it crystal clear
See I've been picked out
To be picked on
Talked about out my friend’s mouth
I've been beat down
’Til He turned my life around (turn my life around)

Seems like I always fall short
Of bein’ worthy
Coz I ain’t good enough
But He still loves me

I ain’t no superstar
Spotlight ain’t shinin’ on me (no no no no no)
Coz I ain’t good enough
But He still loves me

I used to wake up somedays
And wish I'd stayed asleep
Coz I went to bed on top of the world
Today the world’s on top of me
Everybody's got opinions
They ain’t been in my position
That it breaks my heart when I hear what they
Have to say about me yeah (what they say)

Seems like I always fall short (fallin’ short)
Of bein’ worthy (Lord I ain’t worthy)
Coz I ain’t good enough (no no)
But He still loves me (still loves me)

I ain’t no superstar (I wanna be for you)
The spotlight ain’t shinin’ on me
Coz I ain’t good enough
But He still loves me

I'm not perfect (I'm not perfect)
Yes I do wrong (yes I do wrong)
I'm trying my best (trying my best but)
But it ain’t good enough (just ain’t good enough)
Shunned by the world
If I don't succeed
Cuz I aint good
But He still loves me (I just ain't good enough)

If you ain't worthy just raise your hands
And let me know that you understand
That we are all so blessed
To be loved, loved

I can call on him for anything
To Him we all look exactly the same
What will we do
Without pain

Feels like we always fall short
Of bein' worthy (we are not worthy)
Coz I ain't good enough
But He still loves me
I ain't no superstar (I ain't no superstar but I wanna be for you Lord)
The spotlight ain't shinin' on me
Coz I ain't good enough (Oh)
But You still love me

I'm not perfect
Yes I do wrong
I'm tryin' my best but (tryin' my best)
It ain't good enough (I'm not good enough)
Shunned by the world (shunned by the world)
If I don't succeed (I don't succeed)
Coz I ain't good enough
But He still loves me (child sing with me)
I'm not perfect
Yes I do wrong
I'm tryin my best but
It ain't good enough (But the Lord's been so good to me)
Shunned by the world (Shunned by the world)
If I don't succeed
COz I ain't good enough (I ain't good enough)
But H still loves me (The Lord still loves me)

No I ain't good enough
But He still loves me (Raise your hands if ya understand)
No I ain't good enough (How He blessed you coz He blessed you too)
But He still loves me (even though I ain't worthy)
No I ain't good enough (you ain't worthy, He's there for you)
But He still loves me (no matter what I do)
No I ain't good enough (I ain't good enough)
But He still loves me (but the Lord still loves me)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Helping Out...

In that same jobsite somewhere in Makati...

Lots of things make me stay overnight at the office. Here's a few.

Got to work on my backlog in paperwork. Chipped away quite a considerable chunk, but the mountain of documents keep getting higher...

Got to do more work on my test fig as well, just to break the boredom of work on OT (Over Tawad. +P). I'm starting to like how my chosen color scheme is coming together. Can't wait to finish it on next spare time I can get.

One of our staff was sorta broken hearted, and accompanying him and becoming and impromptu guidance counselor has hopefully helped him somewhat. We did a little surfing, a sharing of each other's music, while having a beer and chocolate milk. Believe me, the chocolate milk drinker was more drunk. +P Some quotables that night:

"If I want to look back at how I lived my life, the last thing I'd want to say is there's the one that got away..."

"Waiting for a sign is one thing, doing nothing is another..."
Hope things work out for you man. If it becomes the fairy tale ending you've always wanted, I'll send you the bill. ;)

Quite ironic that for a guy who sometimes doesn't practice what he preaches, I would be asked for advice. He seems ok now and I guess its safe for me to call it a night and get some sleep for the day ahead, with the songs still playing in my head. Its a Mad World out there...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mi Mancherai...

Senti time...

I felt it appropriate back then when I sent this to a friend a couple of days back. Eventhough the song is sung in Italian, you can almost feel what the song is trying to tell you.

Mi Mancherai
by Josh Groban

Mi mancherai se te ne vai
Mi mancherà la tua serenità
Le tue parole come canzoni al vento
E l'amore che ora porti via

Mi mancherai se te ne vai
Ora per sempre non so come vivere
E l'allegria, amica mia, va via con te

Mi mancherai, mi mancherai, perchè vai via
Perchè l'amore in te si è spento
Perchè, perchè...
Non cambierà niente lo so
E dentro sento te

Mi mancherai, mi mancherai, perchè vai via
Perchè l'amore in te si è spento
Perchè, perchè...
Non cambierà niente lo so
E dentro sento te

Mi mancherà l'immensità
Dei nostri giorni e notti insieme noi
I tuoi sorrisi quando si fa buio
La tua ingenuità da bambina, tu...

Mi mancherai amore mio
Mi guardo e trovo un vuoto dentro me
E l'allegria, amica mia, va via con te

Although my Italian's a little rusty (joke), the following translation's the closest thing to what it meant...

I'll Miss You (Mi Mancherai)

I’ll miss you, if you go away
I’ll miss your serenity
Your words like songs in the wind
And Love, that you take away.

I’ll miss you, if you go away
Now and forever I don’know how to live
And joy, my friend, goes away with you

I’ll miss you, I’ll miss you, because you go away
Because the love in you is dead
Because, because...
Nothing is gonna change, I know
And inside of me I feel you

I’ll miss you, I’ll miss you, because you go away
Because the love in you is dead
Because, because...
Nothing is gonna change, I know
And inside of me I feel you

I’ll miss the immensity
Of our days and nights,us together
Your smiles when it’s getting dark
Your being naive like a little girl

I’ll miss you, my love
I look at myself and I find emptiness inside of me
And joy, my friend, goes away with you

Hope that message was plain enough. +P

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Last Song Syndrome...

Someone in the office played this yesterday saying I might be able to relate to this. Looks like the guys wanna tell me something...+P
By Evan and Jaron

The sky has lost its color
The sun has turned to gray
At least that's how it feels to me
Whenever you're away
I crawl up in the corner
To watch the minutes pass
Each one brings me closer to
The time you're coming back

I can't take the distance
I can't take the miles
I can't take the time until I next see you smile
I can't take the distance
And I'm not ashamed
With every breath I take I’m calling your name
I can’t take the distance

I still believe in feelings
But sometimes I feel too much
I make believe you're close to me
But it ain't close enough
Not nearly close enough

I can't take the distance
I can't take the miles
I can't take the time until I next see you smile
I can't take the distance
And I'm not ashamed
With every breath I take I’m calling your name

I'd brave fire.
And I'd brave rain.
To be by your side, I'd do anything.
I can't take the distance.

I will go the distance.
I will go the miles.
That's how much you mean to me.

Cause I can't take the distance
I can't take these miles
I can't take the time until I next see you smile
I can't take the distance
And I'm not ashamed
That with every breath I take I'm calling your name.

It's harder to remember
The longer you're away.
When I find solace.
I don't want the distance...
I dunno what's up with them lately but as far as I'm concerned, I'm fine... I think.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Lesson Learned...

...when planning to stock up on sleep to wake up in late at night to burn some midnight oil...

Always make sure to have fresh batteries for the alarm clock.


Saturday, October 07, 2006


October 6, 2006...

In a jobsite office somewhere in Makati...

What to do on a Friday night? Feels like I'm stuck here, with no direction on where to go. Past experience taught me to follow instinct and not to force the issue in going home or go out and paint the town red. Just follow my nose on this one for the next couple of hours before calling it a night.

In search of dinner on the way home...

The drive home was a long one. Combination traffic, as well as taking the long route home in search of dinner. What to eat? Its a Friday night! I wanna go out! But the crowd and the fact that I'd be going solo doesn't appeal to me tonight. Well, at least not here so far away from home.

In a billiard hall somewhere in Antipolo...

Ended up parking in a local billiard hall just three blocks from home, after one and half hours of aimlessly searching/driving. Wasnt able to find a restaurant not crowded enough to have a quiet bite, and I lost my appetite anyways. So I thought maybe a couple of racks would do me some good.

The place has changed since its opening 6 years ago. The place changed ownership like 3 times already, and the music in the background a little louder than before. But feel of the tables is still the same, the rails a little worn for wear. I practically learned to play billiards here. It opened just a few months after Efren Reyes won the world championship. I recall playing here with my friends, where hitting the ball straight was a challenge in itself. Although I've made some improvement in my game this past few years, I realize that hitting the ball straight is still the challenge that all players face whether you're a beginner or this year's world champion.

Just played three short racks, but it was enough to calm my nerves and unwittingly attract the attention of the other patrons. The looks on their faces gave much away that I'm not a guy who'd they want to face in a money game (which I don't exactly aspire doing). Left the hall as quickly as I came in, with blue chalk marks on my hand as evidence of my passing...

Monday, October 02, 2006

A Literary Survey...

As tagged by my friends who authored the Coffee Cups and Karmic Backstab blogs:

1. One book that changed your life?

The Lord of The Rings. First set of fantasy books that I've read even way before it became popular. After that, I've been reading anything swords and sorcery since.

2. One book you have read more than once?

Still the Lord of the Rings. +P

3. One book you would want on a desert island?

Any book, as long as some beautiful island goddess would read it to me. :D

4. One book that made you cry?

Other than my college books +P, I'd say Dragons of Winter Night. Sturm was one of the first of the companions to die in that book. That moved me more compared to Boromir's death in The Fellowship.

5. One book that made you laugh?

Calvin and Hobbes. Somehow I can relate to that squirt and his ol' buddy. +P Life has always been a wild wagon ride down a treacherous ravine. They taught me to keep on exploring!

6. One book you wish had been written?/one book you wish you had written?

Hmmm... that's a toughie. I'd say a Filipino version of the Tales of the Otori was the first that comes to mind. I dunno, but I think somebody should come up with a good book with heavy influences on Filipino mythology and/or history.

7. One book you wish had never been written?

None at the top of my head. If I don't like it, I stop reading it. Haven't gone as far as excommunicating it from all the libraries of the world. ;)

8. One book you are currently reading?

Since this is a short survey (roll), I'd give two. That would be Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marine Codex as well as the Brilliance of the Moon by Lian Hearn. The CSM Codex I'm reading for a project I'm working on while the Brilliance of the Moon I read before going to bed.

9. One book you have been meaning to read?

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. Somebody suggested I read this way back. Maybe I will before the year ends.

Wasn't that interesting? Now, it's your turn as I tag you to share what pages you've been turning lately... ;)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Freaky Weather Sunday...

Started October 1st by waking up late... +P, and have a rare seafood brunch of talangka (that's steamed crablets, a little high on cholesterol and uric acid compared to ordinary crabs. yum) with ensaladang ararosep (a local species of seaweed tossed in with some diced tomatoes and onions with a sprinkle of kalamansi juice and some salt to taste). Wow. This sets me up for what could turn out to be a very lazy Sunday.

Nothing exactly planned today. Couch potato mode very much the preferred way to go. Was planning to prime a couple of figs with blackspray but the sudden fall of rain left the atmosphere on the muggy side. Same could be said of the weather at China, where the Chinese Grand Prix is underway. Schumi is in a tight spot. But with the freaky weather there as well, things might suddenly shift to his favor. Well, here's hoping!


And he wins! Schumi is now tied with Alonso in the drivers championship with two races to go! Exciting! Go Schumi!!! :D

The sun's been up most of the afternoon and I got to blackspray some of my figs after all. Now to give them a couple of days to completely dry and breathe before I can proceed to the next stage of painting. Yeah.