Monday, September 25, 2006

100 Things...

Inspired by Aperire's 100things, here's my take.

1. I love the smell of coffee in the morning. Though I’m more of a hot chocolate person if ever I’m asked.
2. The year is moving faster now, faster than how last year came and went.
3. You’d know if I liked a movie if in a couple of weeks I can recite lines from the script in verbatim.
4. I learned to buff my nails to smoothen the ridges out. I think every guy should.
5. I play billiards for the fun of it but aspire to be part of the National Team someday, if not in the next lifetime.
6. I secretly wish that some significant someone will stumble upon this and say, “Why did I ever treat this guy like dirt?”
7. I still consider myself lucky.
8. I tend to sleep late.
9. My Sister Pie and Gorgeous Sister I love dearly. I see them as my best friends when I grow old.
10. I like independent label music. I’ve only scratched just the surface of it.
11. I’m a kilawing tanigue and kilawing talaba fan. I often use that as a yardstick for any bar or restaurant that serves it.
12. I buy an album just for one song. It’s gratifying when I later find the other songs equally satisfying.
13. I wear a silver ring with a small silver braid hammered in. It’s a continuous band yet it doesn’t go around my finger. Have fun figuring that out.
14. I once dreamt of Tina Arena singing to me If I Was A River, while holding me tight overlooking the ocean with the wind gently blowing in our faces...
15. I wanna try my hand at fishing with my Dad. If I can only get some decent fishing rods...
16. The construction industry to which I am part of is a very small one. My every move can very well determine my future in this small circle.
17. I plan to play the piano again. Soon.
18. I wish I pursued learning to play the violin or guitar at an earlier age.
19. I wanna make a collage of all the collected sunsets I can take. That might turn out nice.
20. I enjoy getting up from bed slowly, especially on Sundays. Deadlines can always wait a couple of minutes.
21. The number 21 has become a favorite number of mine. That’s the lucky 7 three times over. That’s the end number of my monicker.
22. I don’t paint on canvass, but on miniature soldiers instead. It’s not much but I’m happy and proud of it.
23. The rainy season and my job compels me to bring a suitcase in my car in the event I needed to stay over and spend the night in the office instead of getting stranded on the way home.
24. I miss my bed easily.
25. Subtitles on dvd movies are cool. As long as it’s accurate, which is not cool if it’s not.
26. Tragedy is an event worthy of words. Putting words to describe simple joys are harder to be given the justice it deserves.
27. I don’t give up on friends, even on those who have given up on me.
28. I set a minimum of one random act of kindness a day. It would make me rich someday. ;)
29. Someone made me realize that staring into the ceiling for a couple of minutes would do me some good. Have to find time for that.
30. I love my Darling Beautiful Mother.
31. Never got to appreciate poetry. Must be because I’ve never really gotten around into writing any. I know I’m missing out a lot.
32. I wrecked a car once on the way home from work. Changed my life since then.
33. I like my bourbon on the rocks. And it’s not scotch. +P
34. I wanna get myself a good digicam to make snapshots of anything that I see that's worth taking.
35. I’m not as adventurous when it comes to food compared to, say, music for example. My stomach rarely goes for jazzy or heavy metal/punk rock cuisine. =P
36. The buzzing mosquito ringtone has its short-lived appeal which degenerates to outright irritation. Too bad my phone can’t download it. Lolz.
37. Im a tifosi. Go Ferrari! Schumi rocks!
38. I go to the local Starbucks to observe people go about their daily lives and write it down in one of their pamphlets for posterity.
39. I’m a casual drinker. I don’t knock myself out drunk. +P
40. Never learned how to ride a bike. My Dad getting a bump on the head last time he rode one was partly the reason for it.
41. I sometimes go through my phonebook and call somebody I haven’t talked to in a while, just to find out how they’re doing and that I miss them.
42. I once went to the top of the World Trade Center. But I haven’t the heart to visit Ground Zero.
43. Putting a kiss into words is not the same thing. Yet, it’s close enough. Mwah!
44. I’m a believer in making a wish on a fountain. Can’t remember how many wishes came true though. :D
45. To some, a picnic in the park might sound cliché. Not to me.
46. I’m a sucker for tragic sounding love songs. It would take a simple haunting melody to get me hooked.
47. I must’ve been a lone samurai warrior who wandered the earth in a previous life. Flashes of my exploits and unsung deeds recur in my dreams.
48. I prefer to earn a living here, instead of abroad.
49. I still play with toy soldiers, only the more “mature” version. Sometimes it’s hard to make people understand why me and my friends still play.
50. My version of retirement is opening up a bar, where I can have friends and total strangers come over anytime to play, have a drink, and enjoy music anytime I’d want. That’s a dream I haven’t really given much thought in terms of details at the moment.
51. Im not a regular adrenaline junkie. Dunno why I wanted to say that...
52. I love hashbrowns in the morning. =P
53. That elusive 9-ball break and run-out still proves elusive to me after close to six years of playing. I believe I’ll be able to do it in seven.
54. Taking long drives on highways makes me relax. City traffic doesn’t.
55. I’m not particularly good with names of people, especially if I haven’t seen them in a long time.
56. I love going on a laugh trip with the boyz. Keeps me sane.
57. Wish I can watch more movies on the big screen.
58. I’ve done my fair share of crazy things for the attentions of the fairer sex.
59. I still learn from the people who work under me.
60. Once I left my heart somewhere between New Jersey and Upstate New York in 1994. But nothing grounds me more than now, here in Manila.
61. A quiet corner in a bistro suits me more. I think I’ve outgrown the noisy and loud. But I would still go at it from time to time to keep life interesting…
62. I miss my grandparents. I feel a little bad they won’t be able to see their great grandchildren.
63. I learned not to look aggressively for love. It has its funny way of finding you at an awkward time and place.
64. I sent a girl flowers for no occasion whatsoever. I guess it’s the fact that she least expected it that made me do it. ;)
65. I’m never bored of watching The Lord Of The Rings, especially the uncut extended version that takes most of the day to watch.
66. Ghost In The Shell rocks! So does Samurai Seven!
67. I answer crossword puzzles with a pen. Somehow using a pencil isn’t as challenging...
68. Pam is probably the best teddy bear in the whole wide world. I said that coz she made me say it. +P
69. I have a weakness for talbos ng kamote. Just add a little bagoong, vinegar and tomatoes and I’m happy.
70. I’ve read people their fortunes using playing cards for fun. I stare at the cards and the cards stare at me back with a story to tell...
71. I’ve never given anybody the bullshit treatment. Unless they deserved it of course.
72. I rode a suspended rollercoaster barefoot once. It’s a surreal feeling pulling 2G’s with your toes almost touching the tops of trees as they whiz by...
73. I also tried out a flight simulator. That was the closest thing I ever got to what breaking the sound barrier felt like. Lolz.
74. I can project a deep voice which is deceivingly big for my height. People find it amusing watching tall cadets being commanded by a guy only chest high on the CMT parade grounds...
75. Watching movies with a good crowd helps. Makes me laugh louder and cry shamelessly.
76. A walk in the park helps calm my nerves. Good thing my office has one nearby.
77. Full moons and sunsets...
78. I personally believe in being the master of my own destiny.
79. Dark Elves, Dark Eldar, Emperor’s Children and The Protectorate of Menoth...
80. I don’t mind giving damsels in distress a ride home. They’re always “on the way home” I usually say. +P
81. Tostitos chips and salsa. Yum. +P
82. I still haven’t figured out the fun in golf… yet I aspire to play it.
83. Cheesiest line a girl ever told me: “Are you diabetic? You’re so sweet kasi e.” Lolz.
84. I wanna try archery or swordplay. But walking the streets dressed like Aragorn might not be a welcome sight to some. +P
85. I love sports cars. But the floods and humps here make it impractical to drive one.
86. I need a haircut... again.
87. I’ve been able to help build a number of high-rise buildings in my career and I’m still afraid of heights. Thoughts of self-preservation is a good thing. ;)
88. Indoor wall climbing sounds like fun.
89. I’m squeamish at the first sight of blood. Even a paper cut gives me the creeps.
90. Love bites. Reality bites harder.
91. I treat everything as an important lesson in life.
92. I still swim the shallow end of the pool. :D
93. I dig anything with an acoustic version. Everything in life should have one.
94. Wish I had a punching bag next to my desk...
95. Wish puppies can stay puppies forever. But who am I kidding? :D
96. Would like to take up jogging again. That is, if I can wake up early.
97. I put french-fries in my burger as part of the sandwich. Some find that weird.
98. The books I read are mostly in the fantasy genre. I’m a sucker for anything on swords and sorcery.
99. I always wondered what it would be like to have a vineyard for a backyard and wine cellar for my basement.
100. In order for a man to feel whole, he needs someone to look up to and that same someone to look up to him. This might be the phrase where Tom Cruise got his “you complete me” line in Jerry Mcguire. :D

Time for you to share your 100 Things the same way my friends have.

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Blogger aperire said...

it's a good read! i derived wisdom from it especially in number twenty-eight =)

September 25, 2006 9:58 AM  
Blogger Kyuzo said...

thanks april! wait till you read the NEXT 100 things. bwahahaha!!!

+++ nelc - Neurotic Early, Lack Coffee... hahaha! +P

September 25, 2006 10:14 AM  
Blogger Kyuzo said...

had trouble uploading the pics the last time. will add them on later...

+++ lncpk - Lack Nerve-relaxing Caffeine, Pasa Kape!!! - on a caffeine theme... +P

September 25, 2006 10:17 AM  

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