Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekday Warrior Mode...

December 18, 2009

Eastwood Bowl

Took to the pool hall again. Went there with the plan to play with a couple of friends but never really pressed the issue considering the Christmas rush and nothing really special to celebrate (I'm just kidding myself). So I decided to just play. Remembering Kevin Costner movie when he said to himself on the pitcher's mound, "Shut the mechanism" as I line up for a shot on the billiard table.

Getting used to the new cue. Seems like will be her name will be Nikki. She's a gorgeous blonde, what can I say?

"C" has been in the bag for quite some time. Now reduced to the role of spare cue. She suddenly felt heavy and solid compared to the light touch and response I get with Nikki (could be my imagination). Guess there will be times that "C" will come to play when I need to take certain shots that will need her. ;)



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