Thursday, December 29, 2005

Last Day of Work...

Today's my last day of work. Most of the holidays have been spent on turn-over of documents and files, some last minute meetings and farewells with colleagues on the field, and settling of unsettled accounts and clearances. Now I'm just left with the lonely task of clearing of my desk as well as the issuance of an official announcement to officemates and friends that I'm signing off my email.

It's a lonely feeling.

A lot of the people here have been my friends. I've been with most of them through the best and worst times for over two years. The others I even wished I had the chance to know better. Now present circumstances dictate that I must go. No sense in dwelling on the past mistakes. People should move on so they say. Sadly I'm taking a more lonesome path, one which I won't be expecting my friends to walk with me if not in spirit only. Despite my regrets, they would not be able to put a blemish on the many cherished memories during my tenure there.

Wish I could turn back time on this one. Just a couple of months where things were slightly less complicated.

But that was my yesterday and I can't change that anymore. I must live in the today despite my dread of what it represents. But today is the chance to start fresh.

"This is RRE signing off..."

Monday, December 19, 2005

Seasonal Morning Pick-me-up...

Got this as a remembrance from a subdivision project I was once working on. It took a while before it bloomed like this again and has brightened my morning before going to work for the past couple of weeks now.

There's another plant like this one (only this time with white flowers) which I gave to a friend that day. I wonder how it fared. It should be blooming white flowers at about the same time as mine have.

Hope it brightens your morning as it does mine.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Approaching The New Year...

Thinking of a nice way of getting this blog running...

And what better time to start than the approach of a new year where hopes and expectations are high. God knows I have good reason to start fresh. And I mean starting out fresh in everything I do, be it hobbies, friends, family, and life in general. Maybe by sharing with you a small glimpse of what I do will I be able to look at things in a different light, or whatever it is that I'm supposed to be looking for.

So here goes...