Monday, March 24, 2008

Post-Easter Monday...

March 24, 2008...

Good morning bloggers and readers! It's a little before 7am and I'm at the office early. I'm a little lazy to do a Starbucks Chronicle just yet.

My family celebrated Easter relatively quietly. Actually, most of the Holy Week was spent on rest, me included, cancelling previously made plans of going out. Easter Sunday was a little special. We went to Sister Pie's and Barry Pie's church in Shangri-La to watch their cantata. Sister Pie had a solo in one of the numbers! Me so puwawd of Sister Pie.

After that, we left Barry and Sister Pie at church who had to stay to help pack up. The at the last minute, the rest of us had dinner out for a change. We ate at Tiendesitas and had a look around at the pet shops and antique stores before going home.

Belated Happy Easter to everyone! Well, like I always say to friends, it's not about the bunny. Though I still get the reaction from some of my female friends that it's about the egg... ;)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hobby And Gaming Thoughts On Hump Day...

March 5, 2008...

Went to Fortress to meet up with Arvin to get some of the paint I very much needed for my Warhammer 40k miniatures. Some of my stocks of the paints I regularly use are in need of replacement. With the momentum in painting going, I should seriously address this or plan what else to paint given the limited stocks. Lost my focus temporarily (it wasn't Disruption or a shot from Eiryss) by getting another Paladin of the Order of the Wall blister to add to my Protectorate of Menoth collection, with Doc Killingsworth reserved for a later visit. As if I don't have a considerable backlog in Warmachine figs lately. ;)

Doc Lance also passed by a little before closing time to stock up on some Circle of Orboros figs. He's one of the regular WM/H players, and a good one at that. We got to talk about Warmachine/Hordes (I'm not so surprised he seems to know more about Menoth than I do) and his take on the current gaming scene. We've also talked about 40k gaming, to which surprisingly he's still pretty much in touch with the rules and will be considering playing a few more games in Galleria with the Regulars to see if he can be competitive for the GT in August. Doc Lance and Arvin have also given me good reason to rethink my Dark Eldar tactics next time I decide to field it.

After Fortress closing, Arvin and I went to da Shak to check what the boyz have been up to. Pol was there busy at work on an Ayana and Holt project for Jake, Jason da Mad Scientist was there (who wasn't working on a gun project but was noteably wearing slacks!), Jumping Johnny was working on what Arvin fondly called a "gi-normous" B-52, and Jubaybomber working on some personal plastic modeling and painting projects. I decided to join in the fun by putting in some paint on a few Chaos Space Marine figs I brought along for retouching. It's been while since I've had a chance to paint here at da Shak, sharing a couple of litres of Coke and a few laughs along the way.

Time flies. Went home an hour later since it was getting a little late. Hope to do this again soon.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Starbucks Chronicles Vol. 05...

March 3, 2008...

Starbucks Rockwell 6:30-ish in the morning

I got in super early. Too lazy to open up the office. So, I went to Starbucks to do my usual chronicles to pass the time (a little over an hour), as well as bring a couple of 40k miniatures for some paint retouching for a change.

First people I see in the place is a couple of hip seniors. I say Hip because they wore rubber shoes jogging outfits and have their ears connected to iPods. I figure them to be in their 70's, obviously enjoying life.

Some noteable patrons this morning: I guy sporting an artistic skinhead haircut. I dunno if I'd like to have my hair done like that. I cute girl in a tiedye(?) shirt driving a red Vios comes in and orders. Never really saw much of her after that.

I decided to order a bacon strip, cheese and egg sandwich on multi-grain bagel. Still no salad.

Decided to eat al fresco for a change. Eating outside may be a good or bad thing.

- I get some sun - Good
- Heard a labrador bark somewhere in the distance
- Flies are a slight nuisance. Tried to slash one with my knife - not exactly the most wise or literally well-described thing to do. Suddenly I need to change knives just to be sure. :P
- The air's a little cool, being close to a garden and all. I just hope the gardener doesn't water the foliage with me on the other side of it.
- Got enough sunlight to try fix a few miniatures before work

Started off some Black Legion figs, two Aspiring Champions and 4 Icon Bearers. I'm not exactly keen on dunking these plastic models in some brake fluid to strip off the paint, besides the thickness of the existing paint was reasonable enough to let some of the finer details stand out and maybe a few cleanings here and there might just do the trick. I started off by cleaning the excess flash (that's excess plastic where the casting molds usually meet) with my X-Acto knife. While I was doing this, I was also tried to map out how I will go about repainting/retouching the existing paint job. Plus, made a quick inventory of what paints I will need to ready or restock so as to keep the momentum going.

Guess it's time to head on back.