Thursday, July 02, 2009

How I Spent My Birthday...

Woke up 5:30am.

Said a quick prayer of thanks. Thanks God, You rock!

Went back to bed... Hehehe...

My family greeted me first thing. To Darling Beautiful Mother, Darling Handsome Father, Gorgeous Sister, Sister Pie, Barry Pie and Ate Mely: Thanks, and HUGS all around. Sige na nga to Dodong, Bubbles and Snowy, thanks din! But pass muna on the hugs until you've taken your baths, eh? :P

My horoscope said Thursday will be my lucky day. Tried putting it to the test. Played online poker with a couple of friends around 8am. But I guess I was the only one on an Asian timezone. Went all-in a couple of times and lost a lot but it was a hilarious table. Guess I'm one of those who shouldn't gamble on his birthday. Only got the Cheap Date Achievement to show for it. To Ivy, Uly, Ken, Sugar, Joel, Michele: Thanks guys wherever you are. Sorry for not telling you it was my birthday in case you guys decide to go easy on me. Hope to play against you guys soon and win back my money. Haha... (Post gaming thought: Technically, all my opponents were playing on a Wednesday... no wonder I lost! Argh! LOL.)

Had my haircut for my upcoming "mugshot". P99 and P1 to the Bantay Bata can. Made a small pledge to keep my spending on my birthday simple. Dunno why I said that.

Before I went to LTO, me and the folks had lunch at Max's Robinsons Metro East. Wow, I remember the time I was always looking forward to eating at Max's Restaurant over at Roces and Sct. Tuazon everytime every time there was a special occasion. Brief nostalgia trip right there.

Went on to have my driver's license renewed. Found out while lining up that it has expired a year ago! That medical exam/drug alcohol test was a total drag. Now that I got my license renewed, I can now afford to test positive in the next alcohol test! Kidding. :P

Went home with the sun still up. Cool.

Did a bit of surfing... checked my blog if it still exists. Well, it seems like I wasn't the only ones with blogs in limbo. So I decided to draft this post in the hopes of bringing this blog back to life. Had Greenwich pizza for dinner. Too bad there wasn't any 3M anywhere nearby. Have some of you ever remembered that 3M pizza parlor over at Araneta Coliseum? You don't? Really? 3M would've made this whole experience totally nostalgic. Haha.

Got a few greets from a few friends. Some on Facebook, some on SMS, some via YM, some via ESP, or just plain wishful thinking on my part. To those who greeted (Yes, all THREE of you and you know who you are. Haha!): Thanks for remembering. Makes it all worth living this long. You're all an inspiration to a Nickelback song that keeps playing in my head (Special plugging: to Ria B,if you're reading this, belated! Naks.):

Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
Someone to love with my life in their hands
There's gotta be somebody for me...

Ending the day in a few minutes. The thought that I'm another year older has already sunken in. Still not much money on my pocket, but I'm not complaining. I had a wonderful time today. And no one can take ever that away from me now.

I'm bringing my cues tomorrow. Time to paint the town red.