Thursday, February 14, 2008

Train Man Rising Chapter 1...

February 13, 2008...

Undisclosed venue where I plan "Da Date"...

I decided to scout the place that first came to my mind when Ms. On The Way agreed to go out with me, next week after Valentines Day. It's been a while since I last been here since it IS a considerable drive from my usual route. Imagine the potential embarassement it would bring if me and my date got there and all I can say would be, "It's gone?!". Haha.

Sat myself next to "Da View". It's not bad. You could see Metro Manila and parts of Laguna at night, the city lights gives an impression of stars fallen to the ground and the sky slightly aglow, probably reflections of the cityscape below. Not exactly picture frame perfect, but I guess it will do. I recall the view to be more breathtaking in its earlier years.

Took a small bite to eat to check out the food and a couple of beers to "drink in" the view, and let my thoughts wander...

Ok, the venue's ok. The food's not bad. And the view is great. Will she like it?

Bweh... some things come to my mind as well. Like, what would you say to her? Like I said, it's been a while since I dated anyone. Does one go straight to the effin' point? Come to think of it, what IS the effin' point? Guess I'll just wing it. Getting her here first might be the problem.

Valentines Day is just a couple of hours away, so before my thoughts wander further off I'd probably greet all of you a Happy Valentines Day, wherever you maybe. Hope you're having a good one, just like me. +P

Cheque please. :D


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Starbucks Chronicles Vol. 04...

February 13, 2008 6:30-ish in the morning...

Starbucks Rockwell Drive

It's quiet, except for my Mp3 player on repeat.

Valentine's Eve.

This place had a few renovations the last time I was here. Noteable was the wood floor's a warm complement to the tiled half of the space. Hmmm. No couch?! That's unusual I think for a Starbucks not to have one.

Looks like graduate students and yuppies are starting the day early. Well, I'm not on a graduate program, so does that make me a yuppie? Haha...

Ordered a cinnamon roll and orange juice. cinnamon roll's a little on the flaky side. And no salad?

There's a koi pond outside. I always loved fish ponds. Suddenly remembered memories that I wanted build myself one for the house.

Tall girl in white comes in! White pants, LONG legs that go on forever. Tall girl orders and leaves.

Couple comes in with cute baby!!! Cuuuttteee!!! Cute and bubbly.

I see two laptops on different tables. I should get myself one to make my work a little easier so that I can get to work on something whenever and wherever I feel like it.

LSS: I'm In Love With A Girl by Gavin DeGraw. How true is that and with whom? Haha...

Some thoughts on my mind:

Train Man Rising? - I'm back to newbie status on this dating thing. Some kind of mating ritual this is turning out to be. I'm not assuming anything on this one.

Work is a bit stressful, with a bit of a problem with one of my assistants thrown into the mix. There's some things I prefer not to worry about. I got bigger priorities to take care of, and assistants sometimes just have to keep up.

Gotta get back to the office. Laters.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekend Therapy...

February 2, 2008...

Had to get my mind off work and other stuff so I timed out early to catch up with the Galleria Regulars and maybe play a couple of games.

Lots of the players were in attendance. Got to play one game against a new player, who fielded an Armored Company with a Baneblade as a centerpiece. First time for my army to take on mechanized Guardsmen. Had some serious fun in winning that game, considering I had to put my thinking cap on the very first turn with the tactics I had to dish out in getting to his battle line and braving the Armored Company's opening salvos.

Good game.

February 3, 2008...

Getting some of my miniatures ready for painting. Mapping out my plans for assembly and painting my miniatures. My Temple Flameguard's almost done, too bad the weather wasn't ideal for spraybombing some more Menoth stuff for painting. So I'm readying some earlier primed 40k stuff instead. Hope to post some pictures of my finished work soon.