Saturday, August 18, 2007

In Loving Memory...

Was in the middle of a meeting when I received word that Chris passed away just the night before. I had to leave the meeting abruptly just to make sure it was no joke. It had to be. Only after a few calls later did the reality of it all began to sink in. Little Chrissy's gone. She was 28.

It's been a little over a year since I last saw her when I resigned from my previous work. It was a lot less than that when I was able to talk to her on her last day at work in our former office, with plans on becoming a full time housewife, at least for a while, before she considers working again.

Chris and her Kuyas (Jong, Kiko, Romy, and Joel)
Remembering happier days...

Had fond memories of her in the brief period that I got to know her. She was the youngest and only girl in our department, our muse you might say. But a muse that packed a mean punch. Like any rose among thorns, she knew how to keep us (her Kuyas and Tatay) in our place when she's around. Sometimes I catch myself babytalking when I'm with her at work. And all the Kuyas, myself included, protected her like any other brother would his baby sister. We all laughed everytime she laughs, we all offered our hanky in the numerous occasions that she cried, and we all hid in embarrasment everytime we made her mad. She was always there for us when we were down, sometimes giving the simplest and yet the most practical advice, unusually profound wisdowm despite her years. It was with some reluctance as well as pride that we got to see her walk down the aisle on her wedding day. Those were happy days.

It's gut-wrenching knowing that such memories would not be the same to the reality that is the present. It was a sombre reunion among friends at her funeral. I saw former officemates come to pay their respects but did not really get to talk with all of them. My mind was elsewhere. The original Kuyas were present, but we were all at a loss for words. Nothing need be said, their faces told me that we were all still wondering why. It's in these instances that makes you think and question God's Purpose, for her and all of us in our brief stays here on earth.

When they left, I stayed behind for a couple more minutes, at times wishing it was all a bad dream. It was a long drive home.

August 3, 1979 - August 13, 2007

Farewell and miss you Baby Chris, wherever you are...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Took the day off... the opportunity to avoid the traffic and catch up on some sleep with a storm out was too tempting to pass up.

Woke up late. Called in sick. Looked at what I can do at home.

Checked my mail. Asked the office to send me the draft letters I needed to finalize and send out. Hopefully they had them signed on my behalf.

Got to see my YM and found some of my friends' status messages funny. Here's a couple of them for posterity:

1. Conducting "scientific research"... no, really!
2. Oh crap, people really do actually read my status messages!
3. Lord, do not lead me into temptation, I can find the way myself.
4. Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.
5. I don't plan on giving the world to you... the super villain inside me says it's not right.

Checked my miniatures. Still not inspired to paint. My Warmachine needs to get out of the box. There's a possibility of maybe playing at Hobby Haven after office. We'll see.

I'm a slow reader. Just finished Doppleganger by Marie Brennan only today, after reading it for more than a week now. Not much, but it was enough for me get back to sleep. ;)



Just had a FASM at this hour. FASM's (aka Father And Son Moments +P) usually don't pick convenient times though I cherish them nonetheless. Tonight's FASM started when Handsome Father notice a peculiar sound to Gwapo's car's engine note when we switched parking spaces in the garage. Sounds like the hose connecting the carburetor to the air filter's came loose again. I recognized the look the minute he stepped out of his car. Here we go...

Hose is cracked, and while searching for a replacement won't start until tomorrow, we had to cook up a remedy to the noise. You have to admire my Dad's tenacity at these things at this hour. So with a good deal of electric tape and some elbow grease, we practically reconstructed the hose... well, at least temporarily. All that time, I hear Dad's familiar lines, like "No, the OTHER way..." and " ENGINEER should know how to fix a hose...". In some instances, I'd know when I'm doing something right when he keeps quiet when I did something right for a change or I thought of a better solution compared to what he was figuring out. He'd still grudgingly admit defeat, but I love him nonetheless.


Back to work tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Two Weeks?! More Like Six Months...

Message to the Void:



Two weeks? We're on hold for two more weeks? That will be six months the last time I actually SAW you.

What the heck is going on over there? Talk to me.