Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Roses Off A Cliff...

February 13, 2010

It was early morning, on my way to work. During that drive, plans were all laid out. More like the plans had a way of falling into place without much effort. Even the roses felt like just the right touch for what might turn out to be a magical evening. I don't normally do this for anyone unless I think she's really special.

Tonight would be great.

Later, in a loud, smokey billiard hall somewhere in Quezon City. I was taking my shots on the billiard table like a man on a mission. I didn't care for the yuppie crowd watching, nor the sorry state the tables were in. I was upset. She hasn't returned my calls, texts or messages for what seemed like the longest time and I wanted to understand why. Special thanks to Ryan and Henri for putting up with me that night.

Still not happy, as if something still has to be done to ease this ache. Still went up to the cliffs of Antipolo. Luckily I got parking and a table, despite the Valentines rush and had coffee. The view was amazing. Sigh.

February 14, 2010...

Still on the cliffs of Antipolo. Somewhere around past midnight. I just stood up, went by the rail, and threw the flowers off the cliff.

All that just for the effect.

Apparently it did, with the girls next table shouting out in surprise and asking why. I can't exactly remember what I said, only something about those flowers were only meant for someone else. Despite the poetic injustice of that act I still felt bad about it, even to the point of buying those girls single flowers from the door and a beer for their guy friends who were total strangers to me. I guess its ok, considering I'm also a stranger to them. Happy Valentines Day guys.

Then I went home after that, with more questions than answers.

One of those questions would be this: Could she be doing this very same thing somewhere?

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