Monday, November 27, 2006

Uneventful Weekend...


Substitution mode. Gaudi didn't report for work today so I had to cover for him and stay in the office till closing time. Today was a bit boring, not that I wanted any excitement at work today either. I had reached my quota of excitement at work earlier in the week, some parts of it will go on continuation in the week that will follow.

Went to Hobby Haven after office hours to meet up with Chico and Ronald to get some of the bitz I bought off from Daemon Russ to add to my Emperors Children build. Also saw some of the Warmachine players at the Haven. There was Pol aka Pork and his Mercs, Fred aka Panty Man with his Cryx, and Jake aka Pokemonster with his Cygnar/Mercs. Saw the Pork vs. Pokemonster match and if its any indication of how its being played now, the game of Warmachine has changed a lot since last I played it. It was exciting to watch at first, where the momentum swings back and forth as both battle groups advanced. But then the game dragged itself to a grinding 3+ hours of advancing/retreating/tactical positioning whatever, only to end abruptly in a frustrated advance by Pork's Magnus the Traitor only to be punished by Pokemonster's Major Brisbane for overextending his charge. It was a lot different from the early days when I started out the game with shink1m and a few friends where it had the "play like you got a pair" appeal which first attracted me to start out the game with him in the first place.


As usual, it's pretty much laid back. A welcome rest day. Wasn't exactly rushing into nor intent on accomplishing anything except maybe catch up on some sleep. Saw a portion of my personal library on the floor and realized how much I've been currently reading but never had the time to actually finish reading them. +P

Hmmm... let's see... there's the Legend of Drizzt books, the Tales of the Otori I've been wanting to read a second time, Sun Tzu's Art of War, Bob Ong's senseless-but-fun-to-read stuff, and now the Chronicles of Narnia audio books my Sister Pie lent me. Yeah, the Magician's Nephew sounds like a good book to listen to today. So, popped Disc 1 into the player, pressed the play button and Kenneth Brannaugh was somewhere near the end of Chapter 2 when I lost track and fell asleep. Woke up well into the night (must've slept off a combined 15 hours for the whole of my Sunday...), and had nothing left to do except a little dinner and a couple of minutes of TV before packing up the stuff I need for the work week ahead.


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