Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Get-Together With Family And Friends...

June 10, 2006...

Italianni's Greenbelt

Peeps in Attendance : Barry and Leslie, Mom and Dad, Leah, Adrian and Nabs, Gary and Karen, and myself.

The Early Birds...

L-R : Nabs and Adrian, Dad and Mom, Gorgeous Sister,
Barry and Sister Pie, Yours Truly, and Gary and Karen

It's a joint celebration of Dad's and Barry's birthday. We had a heavy breakfast that pushed well on to lunch. Talk about a hearty celebration. Oxtail with risotto, potato frittatas, contintental breakfast, corned beef, waffles with sausages, lots of salads and pasta all around.

And that's the Small Salad... +P

We, the younger ones took turns playing Barry's PSP (Thanks for the correction Sister Pie :D). Played Loco Roco, a demo game that was senselessly cute and addicting. Trust the Japanese to come up with a senseless game like this and succeed in hooking people to become players.

Gorgeous Sister Trying to tilt the Loco Rocos to the desired...

The rest of the gang wanted to watch a movie afterwards. It was my cue to get back to work, which was just a short walk from where we were. Ah, the convenience... so ironic. =P


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